Quintezz Drive Control V4.0

Brandnew Year 2012 Quintezz Drive Control 3in1 fixed camera warning + European Laser- and Radar detector included.

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Brandnew Year 2012 Quintezz Drive Control 3in1 fixed camera warning + European Laser- and Radar detector included.

3in1 Anti-Radar-System consisting of an european radar detector and an integrated GPS fixed camera warning. Drive Control detects all fixed and mobile radar and laser measurements. Section control areas will be detected too. Quintezz Drive Control is the perfect warning system. The Quintezz Drive Control glitters with quick and easy windshield installation. On the other hand, the system has excellent sensitivity at all 13 EU frequencies. The frequently used Ka-band radar traps will be extremely early detected by the integrated and specially for Europe developed Ka-Narrowband scanning.

But the Drive Control can do even more! The Drive Control radar warning system has a SiRFstar IV GPS receiver of the latest generation builded in. Mounted in vehicle interior, you will be forewarned of any fixed radar trap in whole Europe. You can update the database at any  time for free! In regular intervals, updated databases for download are avialable. This high-end radar warning system, effectively protects your driving license!

Radar- and Laserdetector
- CE marking
- 13 Band detection
- superior Europe sensitivity
- highly sensitive Multiband scanning
- speed-dependent sensitivity
- logic circuit prevents false alarms
- Europe Ka-narrowband scanning
- Europe Ku-band detection
- Displays driving speed
- Displays the average speed
- warning of excess speed
- integrated Compass
- displays exact time via GPS Signal
- 360 ° laser detection (front, rear, left, right)
- Radar and Laser Warner can be disabled
- each frequenc is switchable (on/off)
- radar function is only activated by secret PIN
- bands alternatively can be switched off
- long-term storage of setting
- City / Highway Modes
- digital voice Alerts
- brilliant display
- dimmable display
- Connection over a cigarette lighter
- easy mounting on suction cup mount
- Automatic Self Test

Fixed camera Detector
- Latest generation SiRF IV GPS receiver with built-in GPS antenna
- GPS warning system for all fixed speed cameras (Starrenkästen)
- Built-in memory for 70,000 GPS speed camera locations
- Last section of Control measurements are detected to 100%
- GPS reception even in metal-film coated windscreens
- EUROPA database with locations of fixed speed cameras
- Free download the speed camera database on www.quintezz.com
- Database available for many European countries
- GPS locations (speed cameras) can be added or deleted by pressing

Following speed camera databases are available:
Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Grichenland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czesh Republic and Cyprus.

Operating Bands:
- X-Band: 9,41 GHz
- X-Band: 9,9 GHz
- X-Band: 10,5 GHz
- X-Band: 10,525 GHz
- X-Band: 10,6 GHz
- Ku-Band Europa: 13,450 GHz
- K-Band: 24,1 GHz
- K-Band: 24,125
- K-Band: 24,15 GHz
- Ka1-Narrow: 34,0 GHz, 34,3 GHz und 34,36 GHz
- Ka2-Narrow: 34,7 GHz und 35,1 GHz
- Ka3-Narrow: 35,5 GHz

- 904nm Wavelenght
- 850nm Wavelenght (Leica/Leivtec)

Power Requirement
- 12V DC, Negative Ground

In the Box
- Brandnew Quintezz Drive Control V4.0
- Quick Release Windshield Bracket
- USB cable
- PC Software for database updates (2000, XP, Vista, Win7)
- Owner's Manual (DE, GB, NL, F, E, I)

Video zum Update von Blitzerdaten

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