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X-Armor XR9500 is not only a wireless laserjammer, but also a laser-assisted parking assistant. The wireless connection enables quick installation in the vehicle. Connection for up to 5 Sensors makes this jamming system to a top performer

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Product no.: 406
Weight: 0.900 Kg.
GTIN/EAN: 0715134997187
Manufacturer part number: 54308

X-Armor XR9500 laser jammer

Laser-assisted parking assistant. Legal as a parking assistant (the parking aid can be switched on and off), the new XR-9500 sends laser signals. These are detected as soon as they are thrown back by an obstacle. This makes parking easy. The device fulfils all necessary guidelines of the automotive industry for carefree operation in the vehicle.

100% protection against any laser trap, as well as parking sensor!

- Top-class active protection against all laser measurements
- 20% more performance in laser handheld device capture than competition
- Plus up to 100% more power when interfering with laser handheld devices
- 45% smaller sensors than competitors
- Up to 5 sensors (3 front and 2 rear possible)
- Wireless radio interface for easiest and fastest installation than ever before
- Operation via miniature control element
- Recording function of each laser signal, for updating and improving the interference efficiency
- Absolutely future-proof thanks to firmware upgrades
- Upgrades via Internet and USB stick
- Up to 400% faster processor unit than competitors
- Best in class protection at the level of Antilaser Priority G9 and better!

X-Armor XR-9500 is proven: The device even has a more effective laser jamming capability than one of the best known laser jammers on the market - the AL Priority. Laser measurement test results: the powerful test results confirm numerous users in YT videos, whose test results were clear demonstrate the performance of X-Armor. Like Antilaser AL Prority, X-Armor successfully blocked all laser measurement attempts.

Note: In order to completely cover the vehicle surface, we recommend the version with 2 sensors for use on a passenger car or off-road vehicle. If users want to secure the rear of the vehicle as well as the front of the vehicle, 4 or 5 detectors are required. Bikes need the simple version with only one sensor or 2 sensors for the front and rear protection.

X-Armor sets new records worldwide with the XR-9500 Laser Jammer!

The X-Armor XR-9500 Laser Blocker does not only help against laser measuring procedures of laser handheld devices. More and more fixed measuring instruments with laser technology, such as the Poliscan Speed column from Vitronic, are chasing fast-paced drivers. Also here the X-Armor XR-9500 offers convincing protection against fines.

Order options with 1 to 5 sensors:

- 1 sensor at the front ranges from sports cars to mid-size vehicles.
- 2 sensors at the front of the vehicle are recommended for mid-range cars and for off-roaders.
- 3 front sensors are only required for extremely large vehicles.
- 1 to 2 sensors can be installed at the rear to protect the vehicle from rear measurements.

X-Armor XR-9500 has been successfully tested against:

- LTI Marksman 20.20, Multalaser, LTI UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200LR, 200, LRB, Compact
- Lasercam NT, Redflex Lasercam, Jenoptik Laveg, Jenoptik LaserPatrol, Video-Laveg
- Multanova StarLaser, Robot TraffiPatrol V, Sagem EUROLaser, Sagem MestaLaser
- Truvelo Lidar, D-Cam, Kustom ProLaser I, ProLaser II, ProLaser III
- Kustom Pro-Lite, Kustom LaserCam II, Riegel VX2/3, Riegl LR90-235
- Stalker LZ-1, Laser Atlanta SpeedLaser, R, S, Stealth Mode
- Fama famaLaser II, Cleartone Stealth SpeedLaser, Fama famaShot III
- NJL Kft SCS-101/SCS-102, Traffic Observer LMS 291/221/04/05, Robot TraffiPatrol XR
- LTI TruSpeed, Riegl FG21-P, LTI TruSpeed 2, LTI TruCam
- Vitronic PoliscanSpeed, Camea Unicam section control, Unipar SL700

Dimensions (mm)
- Operating unit: 74 x 35 x 16 mm
- Sensor: 34 x 14 x 52 mm
- Central unit: 130 x 95 x 25 mm

Scope of delivery
- Control unit with radio interface
- Central control unit
- Sensor(s): optionally 1 to 5 pieces
- cable harness
- Sensor bracket(s)
- 3M Adhesive holder(s)
- 12V cigarette connector for power supply of the control unit
- USB connection cable
- plastic clamps
- Miniature spirit level for sensor alignment
- Manual (english + german PDF)

This product is compatible with:

Whistler GT 438Xi International

Whistler GT 438Xi International

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Stealth Basic

Stealth Basic

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