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The Escort MAX Ci International is the superior, most innovative detection device for the perfect in driver alerting and violation coverage on the planet. Engineered to be seamlessly built in into the automotive, it includes front radar sensing as well as laser shifters that secure motorists against all speed observation devices across the entire EU. Completely re-designed for the needs in Europe, the new Escort MAX Ci Intl. gives you scaled-down, more effective laser jammers (optional) that wipe out the best in laser-based speed detection technology together with updatable IVT filter systems. And so much more!
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Weight: 1.800 Kg.
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Escort MAX CI Intl. Euro radar detector

The ESCORT MAX Ci Euro is the finest, breakthrough radar performance detector for supreme integration into the vehicle. Drivers best warning and violation defense system for the entire Europe. Designed to be seamlessly integrated into the car or truck, it provides drivers against all speed monitoring devices a supreme protection. 

Totally renovated, the brand-new european design gives you smaller sized, more efficient laser shifters that wipe out the latest in laser-based speeding detection technology along with updatable IVT filters, that avoid false warns from the best in-motion automobile Cover systems, like accident prevention and lane departure systems. System also offers GPS and Bluetooth for connectivity to the ESCORT Live Community and the red light DEFENDER database.

Amazing Radar Operation
MAX Ci's twin-antenna designing sets a new level for long-range protection. This copyrighted layout is completely undetectable, making it the superb choice for those who want to run unobserved. All European radar bands are covered, as well as "POP" radar.

Variable-Speed Radar Capabilities
MAX Ci's Auto-Sensitivity function changes radar sensitivity oriented on the vehicle's speed. Escort Europe radar efficiency works best, when you demanded it most.

Laser Protection Like No Other
2 Front laser shifter receptors give front coverage against laser threats including the newest changing pulse rate laser guns. Detectors can be programmed to "shift" for maximum defense. "Jaming" might not be legit in your location. Check native regulations previous activating. 2pcs. rear-laser-shifter can be optionally purchased!

Discreet Installation
Comes with all-new Shifter Max sensors mounted in the front and enables ultimate in discreet operation. Built-in sensing elements are fitted in the front grill of your vehicle (rear jammers optional). Interior controller module and screen are splited for several installing settings. The benefit is no sloppy wires and no unrequired recognition.

Mark Location
The "Mark Location" feature allows the individual to manually mark known speed traps, camera spots, or whatever else valued at nothing. Whenever stored in its memory, the MAX Ci will supply adequate cautioning for each of these points of interest.

High-Resolution OLED Display
The small screen provides a wide variety of setup options, like an in-dash bezel (included) for that manufacturing fitted look. Easy-to-read cautions and access to user desires are simply visible at a glance.

Safety Camera Records
Pre-packed with a database of red light locations - countless numbers of safety camera spots, such as any red light speed camera inside European countries. It can furthermore be updates, backuped and remain on top of new hazards direct from Escorts web site. Max comes complete with a 3 year Defender Database Subscription.

The Finest of ESCORT Live!
MAX Ci is suitable with ESCORT Live app, the award-succeeding and exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, which alerts you of approaching warns gained and claimed by other drivers in the area, and delivers you access to red light speed camera locations data and over-speed alerts.

Web Ready
The ci detector can be completely updated using your computer system and internet. Merely go on the net to download our Detector Tools program, connect the MAX Ci to a computer with an engaged internet connection and then transfer the greatest up to date spots. You can even backup your data or update the detector's operating software, (firmware), if required. The database is upgraded regular, and ESCORT gives you three years of down loadable upgrades for no-cost. Note: Not Mac compatible at this time.

AutoLearn runs on GPS technologies to instantly "learn" (by accurate place and frequence) any radar signal and identify if it's a real danger or not. This data is refreshed real-time while your drive, and offers the most accurate alerting system available. The result is the highly accurate long-range defense in the industry and a permanent method to wrong alerts. You drive. It learns. End of story. Nothing may be easier.

Operating Bands
- X-band: 10.525 GHz ± 25 MHz
- K-band: 24.100 GHz ± 150 MHz
- Each K segment can be turned on or off
- K1 (23.950-24.110)
- K2 (24.110-24.175)
- K3 (24.175-24.250)
- Ka-band: 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
- Each Ka segment can be turned on or off
- Ka1 (33.392 - 33.704)
- Ka2 (33.704 - 33.896)
- Ka3 (33.886 - 34.198)
- Ka4 (34.184 - 34.592)
- Ka5 (34.592 - 34.808)
- Ka6 (34.806 - 35.166)
- Ka7 (34.143 - 35.383)
- Ka8 (35.378 - 35.618)
- Ka9 (35.595 - 35.835)
- Ka10 (35.830 - 35.998)
- Laser: 904nm, 33MHz bandwidth

Radar Receiver - Detector Type
- Dual-Horn Antenna Casting
- Superheterodyne, dual LNA´s
- Scanning Frequency Discriminator
- Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Laser Detection
- Quantum Limited Video Receiver
- Optical Laser Sensors
- front and rear laser

Sensitivity Control
- Highway
- AutoScan
- AutoLok
- AutoNoX

Display Type
- Bright multicolor OLED Display
- Bar Graph, Threat Display and Tech Display
- Automatic plus 4 levels of fixed brightness including full dark

Power Requirement
- 12VDC, Negative Ground

Programmable Features
- Pilot
- AutoLock
- Speed Check Meter
- AutoMute™
- Units
- Voice Alerts
- Bands
- Markers

Additional Patented Technology
- Auto Calibration Circuitry
- Mute / AutoMute / SmartMute
- TotalShield™ Technology

In the Box
- Escort MAX Ci Interface
- Shifter Bridge-Box
- Control Module
- OLED Display Module
- Concealed Alert Indicator
- Radar & laser reciever
- 2pcs. front laser-shifter MAX sensors
- GPS Antenna
- Rear Radar Receiver (optional)
- Rear ShifterMax Sensors (optional)

Escort Max CI radar laser detector

Before purchasing this Escort Max CI 360 Radar Laser Detector, please note that unit is legal in your area! It may not be permitted to own and/or operate it in your country. Before purchasing or using the Valentine One Radar Detector receiver, please check local laws before activating and travelling abroad.

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