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Brand new Genevo MAX with GPS and revolutionary Multaradar CD, Multaradar CT and GATOS localization. MAX offers maximum protection against mobile radar traps, laser guns, section control areas and stationary speed cameras throughout the European Union.
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Manufacturer part number: GO1A6

Genevo MAX radar detector

Maximum performance with minimum size

MAX features the largest radar sensor technology in Genevo's mobile radar detectors to date and a completely redesigned laser detector with military technology laser eliminator. Together with the GPS antenna and the Europe-wide database, nothing surprises while driving.


Designed for maximum ease of use, both in terms of hand gesture control, brightness sensor and in-car noise sensor. You will easily get used to the comfortable features of the MAX detector.

100% LEGAL

They do not actively interfere in the work of the police, they only inform themselves. All detectors are one hundred percent homologated and fully legal for use in DE and other selected regions of Europe. Furthermore, they do not attract attention due to their small dimensions.


With GENEVO MAX you are protected against classic radars as well as other unidentified new radars of the model GATSO RT3/RT4 and multaradars used in the countries of the European Union. A localization of infrared flashers and section control measurements is already a matter of course. Unlimited updates of GPS speed camera data are free of charge at Genevo.


With its attractive appearance, it integrates perfectly into the cockpit of the vehicle, its magnetic holding device can be aligned vertically and horizontally if required. Another innovation is the multicolor OLED screen with automatic brightness and built-in socket for headphones.


Motion sensor for a contactless configuration. Set the alarm without having to search for buttons, all you have to do is wave briefly.


Light sensor for automatic brightness. The display automatically controls the brightness according to the brightness level in the vehicle's cockpit.


Noise sensor in the cockpit. The detector automatically controls the volume of the warning tone according to the noise level inside the vehicle.


The receiver sensor technology for lasers underwent a special further development for a multiple increase in sensitivity. A comparable technology of a laser colimator is used, for example, in military sights.


The colored display now shows 2x more information clearly.


The warning device can be easily pre-set with the help of your PC.


New GPS module with AlwaysLocate technology and EASY integrates GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS technology with better reception even in remote areas, including faster connection after first power-up.


Completely improved system for filtering false positives, which is absolutely top of the market.

Connection possibility

Features the latest standard USB-C and typical 3.5mm headphone plug contact.


Unlimited updates of the system and the GPS speed camera database are free of charge for both WIN computers and MacOS.

Technical data

- Ka Narrow band: 34.0 GHz, 34.3 GHz, 34.7 GHz, 35.5 GHz (120 MHz)
- Ka Broadband: 33.4 GHz - 36.0 GHz
- K Narrow band: 24.125 GHz (70 MHz)
- K Broadband: 24.125 GHz (150 MHz)
- X-band: 10.525 GHz (50 MHz)
- MultaRadar: CD/CT
- Gatso: RT3/RT4

Technical properties

- Operating temperature: -20 C to +85 C
- Storage temperature: -20 C to +85 C
- Operating voltage: 11 V - 16 V
- Power consumption: 250 mA normal, 330 mA max (at 12 V)
- Dimensions: 101 mm 68 mm 33 mm

Scope of delivery

- Genevo MAX radar detector
- Suction cup mounting
- 12V cigarette connection cable
- Update for Europe is included for life
- German operating instructions

Genevo MAX radar laser detector

Before you buy, we would like to point out that the possession and / or operation of a Genevo radar laser detector in your country can not be permitted. Please check the current legal situation before you purchase or use the device.

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