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INFORAD K3 DeLuxe is a brandnew ultra-compact and affordable GPS speed camera detector. Any fixed speed cameras across Europe is located precisely and reliably.
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Product no.: 287
Weight: 0.500 Kg.
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Inforad K3 DeLuxe POI-Warner

INFORAD K3 DeLuxe is the newest product from Inforad Ltd, that supersedes the older and now obsolete "K" product family of K0, K1 and K2. The K3 DeLuxe is a sleek, accurate and affordable GPS-based speed camera warning system. INFORAD wireless - the world's smallest camera warning system - uses GPS satellite technology to determine your vehicle's current position, compares it to an on-board database of thousands of known and speed camera locations and red light camera locations in the UK & Europe, and then alerts you in advance with visual and audible alarms when you are near a camera. It is 100% road legal in the UK - just charge the internal battery and place on your dashboard or affix to your windscreen. INFORAD K3 includes FREE lifetime speed traps subscription database updates by downloading the Inforad Manager Software Tool using your Windows PC (does not work on Mac OS) with the built-in USB connector.

Don't take any chances. You'll drive safer, avoid tickets, and protect your license against ka band radar guns. INFORAD K3 pays for itself after helping you avoid just one radar or laser ticket! - Important Note: Please note if you are running Windows 7 or higher, you may require a driver to be installed/updated on your PC, to allow the updates to work correctly.

- FREE Lifetime Database Updates included for all Fixed & Mobile Camera Locations
- Visual & audible alarms provide clear early warning to camera locations. 100% road legal messaging software and hardware
- Just update the database with the free download tool from Inforad on a Windows PC (does not work on Mac OS)
- charge the internal battery and affix it to your windscreen.

Don't take any chances. You'll drive safer, avoid tickets, and protect your license. INFORAD K3 pays for itself after helping you avoid just one ticket!

- fast and simple installation because of the "Clip
- Convenient storage space case
- life time free updates (PC + Internet)
- Designed designed for European fixed rate cameras
- SirfStar3 GPS tracking
- Latest generation GPS processor
- Integrated battery
- Cordless procedure fully guaranteed for 5 hours
- needs no installation and starts up quickly
- Excellent sensitiveness
- effortless procedure
- extremely compact size
- No false alarms from mobiles
- Digital sound production for security
- Artistic Alerts
- Low power consumption
- long-lasting storage of their settings
- CE marking
- automated self-test

- Sound: yes
- 5V DC power supply
- Connection: 12V/24V
- energy usage 850 mA max.
- measurements: 7.5 x 2.5 x 1cm
- fat: 18g

In the Box
- INFORAD K3 DeLuxe speed camera detector
- Anti Slip Pad
- USB cable
- 12V smoke lighter charger
- Individual Guide (DE, ES, NL, GB, FR, IT)

Inforad K3 DeLuxe Speed Camera Detector 

Before buying, we wish to indicate that the possession or operation of a Inforad POI detector inside country can not be permitted. Please check the present legal situation before you decide to purchase or use the device. Or contact our alphacare support customer service!

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