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Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual is a two-channel video recorder in rearview mirror format. The 4-in-1 model combines the functions of a Full HD video recorder, a panoramic rear-view mirror, an HD rear-view camera and a GPS speed camera warning device - in a single device!
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Product no.: 388
Weight: 0.700 Kg.
GTIN/EAN: 6909496000027
Manufacturer part number: GXX271118C2195

Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual Dashcam

Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual is a two-channel video recorder in rearview mirror format. The 4-in-1 model combines the functions of a Full HD video recorder, a panoramic rear-view mirror, an HD rear-view camera and a GPS speed camera warning device - in a single device!

The device does not take up any extra space on the windscreen, it is mounted on the standard rear-view mirror so that it does not attract too much attention in the parking lot. The video recorder is secured with sliding rubber clamps, which makes it easy to mount on any commercially available mirror.

The 4in1 Dashcam GPS rear-view mirror records the traffic environment completely and in high resolution. Thanks to a front camera with 150 degree wide-angle lens and the waterproof rear view camera with 100 degree wide-angle, the surroundings are automatically recorded. With the X27, the driver can be sure that every incident is recorded while driving. The rear camera also serves as a parking camera for vehicles that do not yet have a parking assistant. When reverse gear is engaged, the rear area of the vehicle is automatically shown on the display, including lanes for convenient parking. The lens angle can be adjusted horizontally or vertically.

Ease of use
The large 4.3-inch display is located in the center of the mirror and is completely invisible when turned off until the display is turned on. The 4.3-inch display allows the owner to make adjustments and view the material conveniently on site. All data records are stored on a microSD card. Cyclic recording can be selected in the settings (1 or 3 minutes). If required, you can activate continuous recording. The recorder has a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can record a phone call when needed. The rear camera is waterproof and can be installed inside or outside the vehicle. It doesn't mind snow and rain.

Versatile mounting
This unit allows you to forget to remove and install the recorder before and after driving. The recorder does not require an external power supply: Thanks to the powerful 600mAh battery. The mirror is secured with sliding rubber clamps that minimize vibrations when driving on uneven terrain. Thanks to an ingenious mounting bracket, it can be quickly and easily fitted to any standard rear-view mirror.

GPS speed camera warning
The GPS module with integrated speed camera database warns drivers in good time of speed camera positions. The device contains a database with speed camera positions from 45 countries, which are regularly made available for download by the manufacturer. There are more than 12 types of speed cameras in the database, including rear speed cameras. Drivers are warned in advance in the mirror so they can reduce speed. It provides an intelligent algorithm for processing complex average speed calculations. Updated radar databases are available every 2 weeks on the manufacturer's website.

Intelligent speed camera data
A special feature of the NEOLINE G-Tech X27 is the intelligent processing of "section control" sections. In such sections, the average speed of each passing vehicle is checked. If the average speed is too high, it flashes at the end of the controlled section. The intelligent algorithm of the G-Tech X27 speed camera mirror prevents you from being flashed by determining your average speed in the measurement area and displaying your exact average speed in the section, or sounding the alarm.

G-Tech X27 - An important helper in accidents
The video data of the G-Tech X27 includes all information that is necessary for a demonstration. A Full-HD recording with date and time provides solid proof that the driver is innocent. NEOLINE G-Tech X27 offers the possibility to display date and time stamps in videos in order to illustrate the circumstances of the procedure even more clearly together with the recording of the rear camera.

Extreme wide-angle without distortion
Thanks to the wide-angle front camera optics of 150 degrees and additional 100 degrees rear, NEOLINE's G-Tech X27 is able to capture all 5 lanes of the road without distorting the image. You won't miss a thing, the VCR really does record everything that happens around you.

Alarm at recording stop
The NEOLINE G-Tech X27 is equipped with a warning function, which reports an accidental stop of the recording, a full card, or the absence of a memory card. You'll never miss a recording again!

Automatic recording start
The Neoline G-Tech X27 will also be helpful for parking. This is where the built-in G-sensor comes in. Thanks to the Neoline parking mode, the G-Sensor automatically activates the recording in case of vibration. In his absence, the owner can be sure that every parking crasher can be found on the memory card.

Technical data
- 1920x1080 Full HD front camera
- HD 1280x720 rear camera
- Viewing angle front camera 150 degrees
- Viewing angle rear camera 100 degrees
- Screen size: 4.3 inches
- GPS module
- Built-in battery: 600 mAh
- Video recording format: MOV (H.264)
- Built-in microphone/loudspeaker
- G sensor
- parking mode
- Loop recording: 1 min/ 3 min
- Continuous recording
- Automatic start of recordings
- Date and time stamp
- Geo position stamp
- speed stamp
- MicroSD 8GB - 32GB (Class 10)
- Storage temperature: -20 to +70.
- Operating temperature: -10 to +40.
- Input voltage: DC 5 V, 1.5 A, 1.5 A
- Input voltage of the memory: DC 12-24 V
- Dimensions: 284 x 99 x 16 mm
- Weight: 328 g

Scope of delivery:
- Neoline G-Tech X27 Video Recorder
- rear camera
- USB cable
- car charger
- External GPS module
- user manual
- warranty card
- installation kit

Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual Dashcam

Before you buy, we would like to point out that the possession and / or operation of a Neoline detector in your country can not be permitted. Please check the current legal situation before you purchase or use the device.