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Neoline XCop 8700S is the ultimate long-range radar detector. The X-Cop 8700S features a G-Sensor, an ultra-sensitive EXD Plus module for locating radar measurements including Multa Radar CD/ CT. With integrated GPS database against fixed speed cameras, brilliant OLED multi-colour display and much more...
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Manufacturer part number: NEO-X-COP-8700

Neoline X-Cop 8700S Radar laser detector

Get Neoline X-COP 8700 is the latest Neoline radar detector with unique functionalites.

The 8700 integrates the unique EXD Plus long-distance module of the next generation. This module enables low power signals to be captured at maximum distance. In combination with the "Turbo" mode, the X-COP 8700s warns of low-signal, reverse-directed radars such as Scat, Oscon, Kordon, etc., and provides a high level of signal integrity. The driver can set the turbo mode to activate automatically when a certain speed is reached.

The EXD Plus module was specially developed to detect the hard-to-find MultaRadar CD and CT. This type of radar is more and more popular in Europe. Conventional radar detectors can hardly detect complex Multa signals, which is why the special platform and an EXD Plus module were developed. The M range in which MultaRadar is detected can be switched on or off separately.

The user can add a danger zone to the device memory at the touch of a button. And, at the touch of a button, the user can add a Silent Zone to block false alarms.

In the X-COP 8700s it is possible to activate a special pulse setting for the "City" mode. This allows the user to detect only radar pulse signals contained in the X-COP 8700's signal library. This reduces the number of false alarms. Neoline has added this setting for convenient use of the radar detector in large cities, with the driver still receiving relevant measurements early.

The proprietary Z signature filter is an essential element of the X-COP 8700s long-range radar detector. The Z-signature filtering eliminates most false signals, especially from the blind spot sensors of other vehicles. Unlike similar technologies from other manufacturers, there is no unwanted filtering of signals from real police radars.

The X-COP 8700s has an OTG (On-the-Go) function to update the firmware and the GPS database without connecting to a computer. Simply download the firmware and database, copy it to a flash card and connect it to the X-COP 8700s using a special adapter (included). That's it. Every week Neoline provides updates to the latest radar and camera databases worldwide.

This function allows users to accurately measure the acceleration of the vehicle. In X-LOGIC mode, it is possible to precisely measure the acceleration time from 0km/h to 60 km/ or 100 km/h, 100 to 150 km/h and 100 to 200 km/h. The X-LOGIC mode allows the user to measure the acceleration time from 0km/h to 60 km/ or 100 km/h, 100 to 150 km/h and 100 to 200 km/h precisely.

The radar detector has a worldwide GPS/GLONASS radar and speed camera database of Russia, Europe, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, USA, Israel, CIS, Turkey, Middle East, Australia and many more. The database contains positions of more than one hundred thousand speed cameras. Updates are provided weekly.

Patented motion control technology allows users to turn off audio and voice announcements with a single hand movement. Simply stroke your hand in front of the display to mute the warning message.

The menu of the X-COP 8700 offers the function "Frequency adjustment". Depending on the country of use, the radar detector changes the detection settings in different frequency ranges and switches off error signals more effectively. For experienced users, the device can be set individually, up to switching off individual frequency ranges within the K and Ka bands.

The X-COP 8700s has an extended number of languages. Currently the languages Russian, English, Spanish, German, Lithuanian and Czech are available. The language package is constantly being expanded and supplemented.

Another special feature of the XCOP 8700S is the bright multi-color OLED display, which can be perfectly read from any angle. The user can choose between 6 colour variants. A brightness sensor is also integrated in the warning device, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the brilliant display to the lighting conditions.

The Neoline X-COP 8700s has a number of integrated functions that allow users to customise the warning device. The user can set warning distances from GPS or radar locations through the RD module. The priority of GPS or sensor location can also be defined. In addition, frequencies in the K-band can be deactivated (wide, narrow, super narrow). Deactivate K-Bandwidth in City mode, add quiet zones, danger zones and much more.

- EXD Plus long-haul ultrasensitive module (K and Ka area)
- Multa Radar CD, CT and CD Positioning (M range)
- Detection of the mobile radar measurement "Scat" which is difficult to locate
- Detection of signals with wide frequency range (K, M, Ka, Laser, K-PO and Ka-POP)
- Selection of frequencies according to application area (World, Europe, Russia, Baltic States, CIS, Israel, USA, ABM)
- Z signature filter
- Ka filter
- Intelligent processing of section control sections (Cordon-Temp, Skat-Rife, Strelka Plus, Avtouragan-VSM, Vokord Cyclops, Sergek)
- Modes: City, Route, Turbo, X-COP
- Automatic activation of turbo mode
- Frequency range Adjustment: wide, narrow, super narrow, super narrow
- K-frequency ranges can be deactivated in "City" mode
- Special pulse setting in "City" mode.
- Police Radar Type
- Distance display to GPS point graphically and numerically
- Current GPS database (worldwide)
- Adjustable priority: GPS or radar laser location (sensor-based)
- Input signal type and signal strength
- Multicolor OLED display
- Sensor for automatic display brightness
- Average velocity
- Permissible speed
- Current vehicle speed
- Status of the Z signature filter
- Own hazard and filter zones
- Ergonomic positioning in the vehicle interior
- Attachment of the device: to suction cup, to 3M adhesive tape and by magnet
- Can be mounted near the rearview mirror upside down (display can be rotated)
- X-Logic acceleration measurement
- Update GPS software and database via Micro USB cable.
- Intuitive operation via 4 buttons and motion control
- Current time
- Warning if speed limit is exceeded
- Warning if the set maximum speed is exceeded
- Adding hazard zones and filter zones
- Setting the warning distance to the danger and rest zone
- On/Off GPS and Sensor Warnings
- On/Off individual types of POIs
- Voice alarm for 45 types of fixed flashes
- Adjusting Volume and Brightness
- Automatic muting
- Colour selection of LED bars and background lighting
- Metric system: km/h or miles/h
- Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Czech, Spanish.
- Low voltage warning for the vehicle's on-board voltage.
- Invisible to Radar Detector (RDD): VG-2, Spectre 4, Spectre Elite
- Power cord with on/off switch
- Firmware and database updateable
- Made in Korea

- Neoline X-COP 8700s
- suction cup holder
- 3M adhesive tape
- magnetic holder
- Power cord with ON/OFF switch (on cigarette connector)
- Micro-USB cable
- storage box

Neoline X-Cop 8700S radar laser detector

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