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The new GT-435Xi Whistler International radar laser detector offers new features and provides huge Ka-band sensitivities across Europe. Its accurate frequency scanning offers quick reaction times against mobile speed cameras and any lasertrap.
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Whistler GT-435Xi radar detector

The new Whistler GT-435Xi International radar detector delivers brandnew features and provides huge Ka-band sensitivities across Europe. Its accurate frequency scanning offers quick reaction times against mobile speed cameras and any lasertrap.

In addition to the narrowband sampling the GT-435Xi provides an innovative X, KA-and K-band signal filtering. This unique feature eliminates false positives kept to a minimum without any common sensitivity losses.

The Whistler GT-435Xi also enables efficient laser detection with 360 protection. The groundbreaking innovation of GT435iX is the unique segmentation of the laser pulse rate. In this case the laser scanning is performed within six separated time frames for the best possible long distance warning against laser. Whistler's exclusive Laser Signature ID informs about the detected laser pulse rate (PPS). Every laser measurement as TraffiPatrol XR, LSID, Riegl, Jenoptik, Laveg, TrueSpeed ??uvw. are detected early with eliminating false positives simultaneously.

The compact Whistlers GT-435iX International offers unrivaled features and convinces entirely the price range of the high-end radar detectors. In situations, when simultaneously several radar frequencies where detected, the innovative Alert Priority filters out all frequency sources and signals, except the potentially most dangerous radar bands. The sensitivities of the GT-435iX International can be individually adapted between highway and three City modes. All frequencies can also be enabled or deactivated via firmware.

The color OLED display is rich in contrast and offers a 9-step numerical signal strength meter with information about the discovered bands. Brightness of the display can be configured individually. A Dim/Dark Mode provides discrete night driving. The Auto Quiet feature suppressing the audible warnings automatically, while the display ads will still remain active. Additionally, there are two ultra bright flashing LEDs for optical indication of alerts. Any VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD) is able to locate the Whistler GT 435Xi. Stealth Mode is 100% guaranteed!

High-End EU radar detector from Whistler with innovative laser sensitivity and huge Ka-Band sensitivities featured at a glance of low price.

- Luxury Europe radar detector
- very compact size
- Locates mobile radars and laser measurements
- Innovative segmentation of the laser pulse rate
- Laser Signature ID display
- 360 laser detection (front, back, left, right)
- very easy handling
- detecting GATSO measurements
- Ka-POP mode detection
- PULSE mode protection
- EU Ka-narrow band scanning
- Extended Ka-band signal filtering
- X, K, and Ka-band filter mode
- Alert Periscopes signal display (on / off)
- efficient false alarm reduction
- individual adjustments
- Frequencies switched on or off
- 3x + 1x City Highway Mode
- 9 step display of signal strength
- Digital audio output on alarm
- OLED display equipped with dimmable night mode
- Connect with a cigarette lighter socket
- Long-term storage your Settings
- Fast installation via suction cup
- Automatic self-test
- Not detectable by VG2 + Spectre

Operating Bands
Radar detection
- X Band: 10,50GHz - 10,550Ghz
- K Band: 24,05Ghz - 24,250GHz
- Ka wideband: 34,4Ghz - 36,0GHz
- Ka narrowband Europa: 34.00Ghz
- Ka narrwoband Europa: 34.30Ghz

Laser detection
- 800nm-1000nm Wavelenght
- L1 to 900Hz pulse rate
- L2 1100-2000Hz pulse rate
- L3 2000-3000Hz pulse rate
- L4 3000-4000Hz pulse rate
- Lc 900-1100Hz pulse rate
- Lt. against specific Traffipatrol XR

Laser measurements
- Traffipatrol XR
- Riegl
- Jenoptik
- Laveg
- Truspeed
- LTI 20-20 Laser
- Ultra Lyte Laser
- ProLaser
- ProLaser III

- 10 x 7,5 x 3 cm

Power Requirement
- 12V DC, Negative Ground

In the Box
- Whistler GT-435Xi International
- 12V power Supply cable
- Quick Release Windshield Bracket
- Owner's Manual (only GB)

Whistler GT-435Xi radar laser detector

Before you buy, we would like to point out that the possession and / or operation of a Whistler radar detector in your country can not be permitted. Please check the current legal situation before you purchase or use the device.

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