Blinder M47 X-Treme

Blinder M47 X-Treme

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How do police laser guns work?

Very merely, police laser guns ship out pulses laser mild and measure how extended it requires for the gentle to strike your automobile and return. This measurement recurring numerous occasions for each second outcomes in an correct willpower of your automobile's velocity.

How do laser jammers function?

A laser jammer confuses the laser gun by establishing a sequence of infrared pulses in entrance of your vehicle. If the laser gun and jammer wavelength and frequency are matched, the jammer pulses condition the return to the laser gun The return pulse, if any, is corrupted, and the velocity cannot be study.
The laser war
The law enforcement have for the previous a long time elevated the use of laser guns and computerized laser photograph traps significantly. They have become an actual money-machine. The main problem for developers of laser jammers is the fact, that the police not only use a single sort of laser guns, but numerous different every with a special pulse frequency. Therefore a regular laser jammer will only shield you in opposition to some laser guns, but not all!

The new generation of laser jammers

New intelligent BLINDER X-TREME technology has totally solved this difficulty. In short the new smart BLINDER X-treme detects and analyses the incoming laser pulse. Then the constructed-in personal computer selects the right frequency for the outgoing jamming pulse Ultimately a very potent infrared pulse sign is despatched out.

Instal the Blinder

And you'll get a complete safety towards law enforcement laser guns, so that you can drive without worry.
It can't be noticed
The BLINDER jammers melt aesthetically into the vehicle's entrance. They are tiny, hardly present's but they do their job and do it better than any other shows.

Easy to mount

BLINDER is straightforward to mount and easily serviced. The constructed-in self-examination function assures reliable and complete safety at any time you need it.