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The new Genevo One S radar laser detector with GPS features an optimized HD radar antenna with 35% more sensitivity and fast response times against mobile speed measurements. An integrated GPS receiver enables the positioning of section-control areas and fixed cameras in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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Manufacturer part number: 54303

Genevo One S radar detector

Genevo One S is one of the best performance radar detectors from portable Genevos. Besides the basic Genevo One version, the Genevo One S has an improved LED display, new features, and an improved antenna with approximately 15% higher performance. Genevo One S contains a GPS module with a precise European database, which includes stationary speed cameras, section speed cameras, and red-light cameras.

Genevo One S detects speed radars at a far distance with a low amount of false alerts, which is comparable with high-end models from other brands, but for significantly less money. During the development, enormous emphasis was placed on optimizing radar performance on the Ka narrow band used by police across Europe and on the functionality of reporting GPS points. Last but not least, Genevo One S is localized into most European languages.

Special Features
- Worlds smallest Portable Radar Detector
- Modified for specific conditions in the Europe
- Increased yield of 35% over the Genevo One
- Locate the mobile radar and laser between observing sessions
- Switchable radar detector for the legal operation as a GPS speedometer
- Local language localizations
- New screen more specifications
- Detection of all radar frequencies in Europe
- Advanced false alerts filtering
- Variable Frequency radar
- Locate laser measurements (laser guns, Vitronic PoliScanspeed PSS)
- Warns radar section
- Warns fixed radars
- Warning against red light cameras.
- Includes 1 year free updates
- Firmware updates via the Interne
- Last database is installed EU
- Warnings voice.
- OLED Display
- User-friendly menu
- Easy operation
- Connection via 12V cigarette lighter
- VG immunity
Technical Specifications
- GPS: Skytrack
- Ka Band 34.3 GHz, 34.0 GHz ( 100MHz)
- K-band: 24.125GHz ( 70 MHz)
- X-band: 10.525GHz
- Laser: 904nm
- Genevo One S G1S radar detector
- Suction cup holder
- 12V cigarette connection cable
- 1 year update for Europe is included
- English/German User Manual

Genevo One S radar laser detector

Before you buy, we would like to point out that the possession and / or operation of a Genevo radar laser detector in your country can not be permitted. Please check the current legal situation before you purchase or use the device.

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