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Neoline X-Cop 9300S is the ultimate 4in1 radar detector from Neoline. The X-Cop 9300S has a G-Sensor Full-HD-Dashsam and reliably detects Multaradar CT and CD, Laser, Euro K-Band, Euro Ka Narrow Band measurements.

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Product no.: 477
Weight: 0.620 Kg.
GTIN/EAN: 8808650109300
Manufacturer part number: Xcop93

Neoline X-Cop 9300S Radar detector

Get the 4in1 warning device X-COP 9300s, consisting of a G-Sensor Dashcam, a GPS detector as well as radar and laser detector in one device.

Neolines 4in1 Hybrid detector is equipped with an exclusive international sensor platform for the detection of all radar systems (including the K and Ka frequency bands) and is internationally the first radar detector which detects the Multa Radar CT and CD, which are widely used in the EU in a special M band.

The device has an integrated ultra-sensitive EXD Plus tracker module. The EXD Plus filter technology is extremely efficient in Neoline Turbo mode and thus offers the greatest possible range for radar detection.

The innovative warning device has an integrated GPS radar and camera speed camera database containing locations of more than 100,000 speed monitoring systems around the world. The speed camera database is regulary updated and regionally expanded by the manufacturer.

For the most responsive and accurate location, the 4in1 also features integrated GPS and GLONASS modules. They enable the vehicle speed to be shown in the recorded movie or on the display with GPS timesynchronization, which is very important by the event of an accident.

The effective Ambarella A7 processor unit, multi-lens glass optics consisting of 6 occulars plus the powerful SONY Exmor CMOS sensor ensure high-class recording quality in full HD resolution. A 135 degree wide-angle lens allows the sensor to detect and record up to 4 lanes including the edge of the road. The automated time-switched night operation enables every detail to be seen in the dark areas of the road.

Thanks to the latest, high quality and bright IPS display, the user see all important messages from every perspective comfortably. The EASY TOUCH menu arrangement allows video recordings to be viewed and administered directly on the warning device.

The Smart Click Plus fastening mechanism simply slides the unit onto the bracket and feeds it with electricity. If it is desired to use it in another vehicle, it can also be detached in no time at all.

The Neoline X-COP 9300s has been manufactured in accordance with the regulations of the various countries regarding the use of radar detectors. The radar module can be switched off by a hand gesture and the device will inform you about redlight speeding cameras and fixed radar traps in the GPS database without using the radar detector sensors.

Special features
- Motion Control (hand gesture control)
- Neoline Easy Touch Interface
- Smart-click-plus mounting with active power supply
- Realtime Backup to second memory card
- Instantly view, rewind, lock or copy movie recordings via device
- Upgrades via MicroSD Memorycard
- User-friendly operation with 4 keys
- Menu languages: english, russian and lithuanian

Radar detector
- Ultrasensitive EXD Plus unit for impressive distances (K and Ka band)
- Multa Radar CT, CTD and CD Positioning in the ? band
- Localization of broadband frequency ranges (Strelka and laser)
- Regional band adjustment
- Z signature filter / Ka filter technology
- International GPS data collection for radar systems and redlight speed cameras
- Notification about the orientation of the speed cameras in the surroundings

display indications
- speed limits
- permitted speed
- Signal strength
- average speed
- trap name and type
- Automatic turbo mode
- Measuring range up to 2.5 km

- Sensor: Exmor CMOS from SONY
- Processor unit: Ambarella A7
- Light-sensitive lenses: 57.4 degrees (vertical), 108.5 degrees (horizontal) * 129.7 degrees (depth)
- Shooting angle: 135 degrees
- Display: 2.0 inch (240 x 320) IPS
- Resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD) / 1280x720(HD)
- Recording format: MP4 30 frames per second
- 2 memory card slots: MicroSD (SDHC: 2 GB to 32 GB, SDXC: 128 GB)
- Sensors: Accelerometers, Motion sensors
- Event recording: 10s in advance, 50s afterwards
- Drive mode Recording time: : 1 to 5 minutes
- Cyclic recording: Yes

Technical details
Radar detector:

- M-band (24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz)
- Strelka (24.150 GHz)
- Ultra-X and Ultra-K frequency range
- K-band (24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz)
- KA band (34.70 GHz +/- 1300 MHz)
- Laser 800nm to 1100nm wavelength
- Power supply: 12V - 24V DC
- Current consumption: 400mA - 500mA
- Unit size (LxWxH in mm): 94 x 73 x 46
- Working range: -10 to - 60 degrees Celsius

Package content
- Neoline X-COP 9300s
- Installation bracket with active charging Smart-Click-Plus cable with 3M adhesive pad
- Power supply cable for cigarette lighter
- Three-pole Neoline Fuse Cord power cable for fixed installation to the on-board electronics
- Cable holder
- 3M Replacement adhesive mat
- storage bag
- Tool for loosening the adhesive pad

Neoline X-Cop 9300S radar laser detector