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The PRO-93GXi delivers adjustable Laser-Pulse-Rates, Exclusive Radar-Signature-ID, High-Performace Sensitivities, GPS, voice alerts, Intellicord Unit-Control and a 360 Coverage
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Product no.: 418
Weight: 0.392 Kg.
GTIN/EAN: 052303408786
Manufacturer part number: PRO-93GXi

Whistler Pro-93GXi radar detector with GPS

The Whistler Pro-93GXi Radar Detector with built in GPS could be the latest and best radar detector from Whistler United States Of America. The Whistler Pro-93GXi was created to identify all of the latest radar and laser threats utilized throughout Europe including the latest Poliscan laser cameras and will now alert users on existence of fixed Speed, Red-Light and combination Speed/Red-Light cameras. Utilising its built-in internal GPS, the Pro-93GXI will alert you to definitely all known fixed camera places covering freeway camera places along with the intersection cameras for red light and red light/speed combination cameras. If you use the optional Whistler Intellicord, users can also mark out their special POIs in which they frequently see mobile speeding cameras in operation. Now with FDSR suppresses false alarms elimination wich comes from collision avoidance and assistance systems

The Whistler Pro-93GXi has front and rear laser sensors and features the initial ability to isolate particular laser pulse rates to significantly minimize any laser falsing from laser cruise control and laser collision avoidance devices through its variable menu system. The Whistler Pro93GXi features a great all-new ergonomic and user-friendly design providing you with a brand new degree of operating convenience. The Whistler Pro-93GXi is a superb powerful unit. Euro mode is standard incorporating brand new Adjustable Laser Segments and recognition of all laser camera and gun types shifts laser radar detection technology to a new degree aided by the new Whistler Pro-93GXi. Whistler's unique laser segmentation additionally allows you to eliminate laser false alerts.

The Whistler Pro-93GXi is a stunning brand new design with GPS fixed camera locations, Laser Signature ID, KA-MAX, KA Signature ID alerts, and even more. Its bright Blue OLED display provides better contrast and brightness; alerts detected include signal energy, and indicates engaged modes of operation. Buy from certainly one of us as a authorized resellers or directly from us to get our full local warranty. Whistler services and products have actually exemplary guarantee support that is just available through authorized resellers and suppliers. The Whistler trade mark is used under approved exclusive permit through the trade mark owner. It's unlawful to import and make use of unapproved Whistler radar detectors into plus in European countries

Technical Features
- Whistler's latest 2018 Pro-Series radar detector
- Permanent free speed camera data updates via USB
- FDSR suppresses false alarms from collision avoidance and assistance system
- TFSR suppresses messages from radar-based traffic flow sensors
- Maximum response times against mobile radar and lasers
- Internal GPS sensor enables localisation of all red light flashes and rigid boxes
- 360 laser positioning (all around)
- MAXX RADAR protection detects radar from the front, sides and rear.
- Digital voice alerts in English
- Improved OLED display for more brilliant warnings
- 9 level indication of signal strength
- DIM / DARK reduces the illumination of the display.
- ALERT PERISCOPES LEDs provide visual alarm on top of the unit
- Fast scanning with 6-fold fragmentation of the laser pulse rate
- Display of the laser identification - LSID
- Display of the radar signature ID - RSID
- Locate GATSO measurements
- Ka-Max operating mode maximizes sensitivity in the KA band
- Ka narrow band modes (34.0,34.3 GHz) improves detection of EU speed traps
- 3x Ka-band filter modes
- 5x K-band and X-band filter modes
- PULSE Mode Protection
- Ramp mode for false alarm reduction
- Pop mode positioning for extended radar detection against short radar pulses
- SELECTABLE TONE ALERTS provides different audible alerts for each band.
- QUIET / AUTO QUIET automatically mutes acoustic alarms.
- ALERT PRIORITY indicates the most important signal when more than one signal is detected.
- SETTING SAVER saves personal settings when the unit is turned off.
- 3 city and 1 highway mode to reduce false alarms.
- Power supply via 12V cigarette connection
- Mounting material for fixed wiring in the vehicle
- Quick installation with suction cup holder
- Tutorial Mode
- Independent self-test
- Automatic switch-off
- Very simple adjustment
- Extremely compact size
- Not locatable by VG2 and Spectre

Operating Frequencies
- 10.500 - 10.550 GHz (X band)
- 24.050 - 24.250 GHz (K band)
- 33.400 - 36.000 GHz (Ka Superwideband)
- 34.0, 34.3 and 35.5 GHz (Ka Narrow Plus)

-Wavelength: 800-1000 Nanometres (nm)

- 128mm x 80mm x 34mm

Whistler Pro-93GXi radar laser detector

Before you buy, we would like to point out that the possession and / or operation of a Whistler radar detector in your country can not be permitted. Please check the current legal situation before you purchase or use the device.